Layher Interlocking Scaffolding

If there’s one thing that Layher is synonymous with, it’s their lightweight interlocking scaffolding. Many of Layher’s products are bolt-free from their Allround scaffolding to their STAR frame and their heavy-duty scaffold towers. That means they can be assembled rapidly without spending time tying up bolts. They are also easy to set up, take down, and moveable. Don’t believe us? Take a closer look!

Allround Scaffolding

Our Allround truly is the industry standard for interlocking scaffolding. It is the leader for system scaffolding that can have up to eight connections in one plane and offer flexible right-angle selection. The Allround offers a wide range of parts for unlimited use; it is also fully compatible with other Layher systems and products. It has a variety of safer internal access components for system scaffolding as well as stairway towers and specialized stair solutions. But most importantly, it drastically reduces bolt connections eliminating the time-consuming need for repeated adjustments, as well as pipe and coupling entanglements.

STAR Frame

Our newest addition to the Layher family is the STAR frame, a revolutionary interlocking scaffolding. It is fully compatible with Allround scaffolding and provides the speed of assembly combined with lighter material weights. All while not compromising the strength of Allround. There are only a few extra components required to widen the scope of the Allround scaffolding with the STAR frame.

In addition to the interlocking scaffolding, the benefits of the STAR frame scaffolding include 37% less weight reduction, 24% faster assembly, compatible with Allround scaffolding protective systems and accessories. All of its guardrails can be installed without tools. Decks are not required on every floor. Only two additional components are necessary, and it saves tremendous money and time!

Heavy-Duty Scaffold Towers

Thanks to its ingenious design, Layher’s Allround system can be easily expanded into scaffold towers and support scaffold

To further increase permissible loading of scaffold towers and support scaffold, the Allround system can be scaled up for Heavy Duty shoring. With only a few components such as Layher’s reinforced base and head jacks, heavy duty columns, together with the use of bracing, ledgers, diagonals, and/or joining, the HD Tower is suitable to even meet irregular complex jobs effectively.

The benefits of Layher’s heavy-duty scaffold towers include stable structure from the base out; adaptable-components can be used for propping or general scaffolding. All of Layher’s components are renowned for their quality.

Layher’s Self-Locking Scaffolding

Layher’s scaffolding has become the industry standard for interlocking scaffolding and for good reasons. There is no other product on the market that does a more accurate, safer, and faster job at erecting scaffolding than they do. Layher has earned their place on the international stage because we provide an unrivaled product. The range of applications available to the client gives Allround, the most popular version of their interlocking scaffolding, the ability to adapt to any of your needs. Let us help you at Layher.