The Allround FW System

With just three additional components to Allround Scaffolding, there is now an even better and even more economical solution for bridging and bracing applications: the Allround FW System. Consisting of an Allround FW System post, a sturdy Allround FW System chord as the top and bottom chord, plus length-adjustable Allround FW System diagonal rod, this new product can be quickly assembled with pin connections. Lateral bracing is achieved using standard parts from the proven Allround Scaffolding. A contribution to the high load-bearing capacity of the new product is made by the use of strong steel grades and the design height of the Allround FW System, and also by its installation in the Allround system standard dimension without any lateral offset. This ensures a structurally advantageous central force transmission.

  • High load-bearing capacity owing to the structural height and steel material
  • Limitless applications as platform, cantilevered beam and by extension with a few components for roof constructions.
  • Easy handling by low weight of max. 19kg
  • Seamless integration into Allround structures. The components are located on the system axes in all three directions.

The Allround FW System can also be used for roof structures of temporary weather protection in addition to many solutions, such as bridging or support beams. Further information to the Allround FW Roof can be found at: