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Layher North America Scaffolding Safegauards Investment

Layher Hosts Inaugural Houston Fall Prevention Safety Day

Supports OSHA Safety Stand-Down

Houston, TX – Construction and safety professionals gathered at Layher North America headquarters May 12 to raise awareness for preventing fall hazards in the construction industry and support the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s National Fall Prevention Stand-down.

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Preserving a Piece of History: First Church in Albany through the Eyes of a Scaffolder

In Collaboration with Tri-City Scaffolding

Certain buildings just catch the eye of a scaffolder. Interesting angles, odd leanings, and jutting spires fire their creativity and problem-solving abilities, igniting a desire to build up and surround with caged frame. Bring these architectural features together in an iconic landmark, and you’ve got a real dream project. The draw is twofold: to engage a unique engineering challenge head on while contributing to a piece of history. Only rarely do such projects come around, but we are sure glad when they do.

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WATCH: Layher Allround Scaffolding Assembly

Watch this 3 minute time lapse video illustrating the assembly of Layher Allround Scaffolding, and how Layher’s innovative scaffold technology makes it faster, safer and more versatile than comparable systems. Also learn about Layher’s new Auto-Lock function, U-Ledger, U-Steel Toe Boards and U-Lift-Off Preventer.

Using time lapse to illustrate the speed and simplicity of construction, this video breaks down the construction of Layher’s Allround Scaffolding into 3 steps – basic assembly, modification and expansion.

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Layher Stairs, Decks, and Guardrails Make Appearance at Electric Zoo

Pictured Above: The Layher Stairway Tower 750 was specially designed to provide public access on a notable slope for last year’s Electric Zoo festival in New York.

The Layher name may conjure images of construction, but Layher temporary access stair systems, steel decks, and guardrails are often utilized at popular events and music festivals such as New York’s own Electric Zoo festival, taking place annually during Labor Day weekend. Layher scaffolding has accommodated the festival’s 150,000 plus fans for several years, helping to make the three-day festival accessible and organized.

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Heavy loads mastered easily with Layher’s new Allround Shoring System TG 60

Thanks to a sophisticated Allround Shoring System, wide spanning troughs with high vertical loads can easily be transferred by standard bundling. The new solution was made by scaffolding company Postweiler Gerüstbau who were able to install work levels quickly and easily to the new shoring system. Setting up the 2-phase construction meant carrying approximately 9 ton vertical loads.

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Layher USA Featured in October Issue of BIC Magazine

Layher, one of the largest system scaffolding manufacturers in the world, continues to develop innovative products and provide top-tier customer service. The company manufactures modular scaffolding systems and products to face contractors’ challenges on a wide-range of job sites.

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Layher USA Featured in August Issue of ENR Magazine

Layher recently invested more than $150,000 to evaluate the true quality of the scaffolding products currently on the market. The findings included defects in weld connection, lack of penetration and insufficient galvanizing on welds, large shrink holes in the wedge and reduced load bearing capacity.

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